About Us

Physician Billing Partners is a privately owned Seattle based company that provide Revenue Cycle Management Services throughout the United States.

By targeting our resources into identifying the most efficient and effective business practices in Physician Billing we can offer our customers a superior service, a service which is based on substantial knowledge and understanding of the Health Industries systems and regulations.

Our aim is to streamline your billing cycle, maximise the returns and add value so your Practice is functioning at optimal performance, giving you peace of mind that your Revenue Cycle is steadfast.

We handle all aspects of the revenue cycle accurately and promptly, whilst maintaining the highest level of compliance and ethics.

Additional to our Billing Services we offer an array of value added Benefits and Services to enhance your Practices business functionality.


"We are pleased to have Physician Billing Partners process our medical billing.

Partnering with Physician Billing Partners has decreased our overhead and increased our collections while allowing us to focus more time on patient care.

The Physicians Billing Partners staff are responsive, professional & knowledgeable, and we would recommend them highly."

John Pierre Van Dongen, M.D. Naples, FL

Why Choose Us

You should consider Physician Billing Partners because

We are proactive. Our philosophy is to focus on the identification and prevention of potential problems before your claims are filed. By focusing on continuing education, and keeping up with the ever changing HCFA rules and regulations, we are always on the lookout for ways to maximize your reimbursement.

We can improve your cash flow, and give you peace of mind that your billing is being done promptly and correctly.

Physician Billing Partners is committed the highest level of customer service in all aspects of our business. You, your staff and your patients will all have the same courteous and professional billing representative handling all aspects of your billing. This ensures consistency and clarity in all of your interactions.

With billing in-house you face fixed billing costs regardless of productivity. When you outsource to Physician Billing Partners, you only pay us after you get paid.

Our Leadership Team

Rachel Couwenberg (CCS-P) - President & Head Biller
Rachel is the founder and president of PBP and also the head biller responsible for quality and coding accuracy. Rachel’s past experience includes Account Management for McKesson Practice Partner and physician relations management for Merck. Rachel consults on Practice Partner billing implementations and optimization as well as revenue cycle management.

Louis Couwenberg - (CA, ITIL) (ITSM) Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operations Officer
Louis is responsible for operations and finance at PBP. Louis has held senior leadership roles in both IT and finance at The Walt Disney Company, Nordstrom, and Safeco Insurance. Louis consults in the implementation of physician business intelligence, practice management technology and process improvement. He is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants, and certified in ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) a best practices in IT processes.

Russ Byrum - Technology Officer
Russ is responsible for PBP hosted systems and physician system implementations and connectivity. Russ has years of experience implementing Practice Partner, developing automated solutions and troubleshooting client system issues. Russ has had leadership roles in IT for Fortune 500 companies and internet companies. Russ leads the onboarding of new clients and ensures secure system connectivity between PBP and physician network environments.

Karla Byrum - Senior Billing Manager
Karla is a senior billing manager and leads a team of billers. Karla has many years experience in both Practice Management working in physician offices as a practice manager and as a medical biller. Karla is a SWAT team member and has worked on revenue cycle projects.

Melanie Jorissen (CPC) - Senior Billing Manager/Healthcare Auditor
Mel is a senior billing manager and team leader as well as healthcare auditor. Mel has been in the healthcare industry for many years and has worked for Medicare as provider representative. Mel has consulted to clinics across the United States and trained users on using Practice Partner billing as well as optimizing Practice Partner. Mel is also a certified medical audit specialist who performs audit engagements for physicians to evaluate and improve their coding accuracy, compliance, and reimbursement rate.

Stacy Fundenberger (CPC-H) - Senior Billing Manager
Stacy is a senior billing manager and team leader. Her past experience includes supervising the Medicaid department for Pettigrew Medical Business services and leading the Insurance Reimbursement department at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego (CA) responsible for follow-up of claims. Stacy has consulted on a number of revenue cycle projects for large clinics and is a revenue cycle SWAT team member.

Emily Martin. BSc– Microbiology (University of Washington) - Billing Manager
Emily manages the billing process for our larger clinics and oversees physician management reporting. Emily has past experience in the healthcare industry working in molecular biology research at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center - clinical division and Combimatrix working on optimized DNA micro-array technology. Emily is a process owner at PBP and she ensures the efficient coordination of work between teams.

Kitara Hardy (A.A.S – Medical Secretarial Sciences) - Patient Contact Manager
Kitara is a medical biller who leads the patient contact center. Kitara and the contact center team is the single point of contact for patients billing questions. Kitara has years of experience in the healthcare industry and has worked for Swedish Physicians as a patient representative, medical biller for Baptist Health and North Medical Center.

Iris Lopez - Lead Processing Technician
Iris is a medical biller who specializes in coding and the accurate processing of medical claims. Iris is a graduate of the Everest College’s medical billing certificate course. Iris is a billing team member.